Sample Cuisine From Around the World on South Grand in St. Louis

foodSouth Grand is known throughout St. Louis as the best place for ethnic food. In only six city blocks, you can try a wide range of foods from around the world. Here is where you can sample some noteworthy cuisine from around the world on South Grand in St. Louis.


In the United States, Ethiopian food is gaining in popularity for its rich flavors, spices, and presentation. Typically, you’ll be served a communal plate of food to share with whomever you’re dining with. You’ll eat that food using your hands with injera, a fermented bread. In South Grand, you can eat Ethiopian food at the Meskerem Ethiopian Restaurant located at 3210 S. Grand Boulevard.


If you’re looking to try Vietnamese in St. Louis, South Grand is the best place to do so. There are four restaurants that serve up authentic Vietnamese in the area, including Café Mochi on 3221 S. Grand Boulevard, the Lemon Grass Restaurant on 3161 S. Grand Boulevard, Mekong Restaurant at 3131 S. Grand Boulevard, and Pho Grand Restaurant on 3195 S. Grand Boulevard. With so many different Vietnamese restaurants in the area, you can be confident that the flavors are delicious. Otherwise, all four restaurants wouldn’t still be open.


While you might be familiar with Pad Thai, there are many other delicious Thai dishes to try. Satay has skewered chicken marinated in Thai spices and grilled. There are a number of curry dishes, including Panang, that are worth trying, though some of them will be quite spicy. In the South Grand area, there are two different Thai restaurants to try: the King and I Restaurant on 3157 S. Grand Boulevard and Basil Spice on 3183 S. Grand Boulevard.


Moroccan food is an often overlooked cuisine in many cities. Fortunately, there’s a great Moroccan restaurant in St. Louis on 3191 South Grand called Baida Moroccan Restaurant. It serves a wide range of traditional Moroccan dishes and tajines, as well as many vegan and vegetarian-friendly options, such as harira veg and vegetable m’lwee. On the first Saturday of each month, there’s a Moroccan style belly dancing show at 8:00 p.m. The restaurant is closed on Mondays, so plan to go another night.


Instead of eating the more common Cuban and Spanish food found around town, consider eating Brazilian food at the Brasilia Restaurant at 3212 South Grand Boulevard. You can try Brazilian style favorites such as coxinha, pastels, and beef acebolado. The restaurant offers an affordable lunch buffet Tuesday through Saturday from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. If you’re not sure what to order, going to the lunch buffet is a perfect opportunity to try a wide range of dishes without having to commit to eating only one.
There are 14 different types of international food in South Grand to choose from. Go on a self-guided South Grand Walking Tour to explore the different types of food you can try. There are also special events scheduled frequently in the area.
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