Where to Pick Up Fresh Produce for Your Thanksgiving Dinner in Saint Louis, MO

Fresh Local ProduceWhen crafting this year’s Thanksgiving dinner, why resort to canned goods, frozen vegetables, and grocery-store produce from afar? Add the flavor back into your food by using fresh, organic produce from your local area. While many of the region’s farmers markets and fresh produce stands are closed for the season, we have the lowdown on where you can still get flavorful homegrown fruits and vegetables and other goods. If you’d like to spice up your Thanksgiving meal, check out one of the following markets in the St. Louis area.

Historic Soulard Farmers Market

One of the best farmers markets in the area is Soulard Farmers Market, located at 720 Carroll St. in St. Louis. Because the market is closed Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday, you’ll need to get your produce Wednesday through Saturday. The market is an amalgam of area vendors and farmers, all selling their handcrafted wares and freshly grown produce and other foods. When you arrive, park along Lafayette Street or Carroll Street, or grab a coveted spot in the free parking lot across the street.
Once you’re inside, check out the northwest wing to see the local farmers, produce vendors, dry goods, and peanuts, or stop by the southeast wing for other organic produce, cheese, baked goods, and pastas. The market also has plenty of meat and fish vendors for tasty turkey alternatives.

Orlandos Produce

Orlandos Produce is a family-owned and operated establishment that’s been selling fresh produce to the people of Saint Peters since 1995. The market specializes in seasonal items, so currently, gourds and pumpkins are a highlight of the shop. If you’re lucky, you might also find freshly baked banana bread, holiday grapes, and apple cider to quench your thirst. Peruse the abundant aisles to find whatever ingredients you need to complete your meal.
Stop by 7875 Mexico Road to see everything Orlandos currently has in stock, or call the market at 636-970-1282 to verify produce before making the trip.

Roger’s Produce

Located at 625 E. Lockwood Ave. in Webster Groves, Roger’s Produce carries fresh produce from farmers across the region. Because of the daily deliveries, most of the produce is ripe and ready to eat on the day you buy it. In particular, Roger’s specializes in seasonal items that other grocery stores might not carry. Just recently, the market offered numerous pumpkins for Halloween, as well as the last shipment of homegrown tomatoes for the year. Other vegetables recently in stock were green peppers, green cabbage, squash, cucumbers, zucchini, and more.
If you’re searching for something in particular, give Roger’s Produce a call at 314-962-9157 to verify before driving to the outdoor market.
While St. Louis is replete with farmers markets in the spring and summer, it gets a little harder to find fresh produce come fall. Luckily, these three homegrown markets should have you covered. Skip the supermarket and warehouse chains and instead shop local. Not only will your Thanksgiving meal taste far better, but you’ll be supporting area growers who work hard to produce quality food.
Image via Flickr by smith_cl9 | Licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

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