How to Make the Most Out of Your Toyota Care

Whether you’re out and about driving around town on business or pleasure, doing so with peace of mind is the goal for Toyota. With their ToyotaCare program in place, you can drive with confidence any time you’re behind the wheel. 
About ToyotaCare
It doesn’t matter if you’re driving across town, across the street, or across the state. With ToyotaCare along for the ride, you never have to worry about being stranded on a busy highway or quiet back road in the event your vehicle breaks down.
Benefits of ToyotaCare
The ToyotaCare program is available for anyone who buys or leases a new Toyota. The program is no cost to you for the maintenance plan. It’s designed with driver convenience and safety in mind, providing coverage wherever you may be when traveling throughout the United States.
You can take to the highways and byways feeling secure in the knowledge Toyota has your vehicle covered for either two years or 25,000 miles. With the program, you’ll have access to state-of-the-art service facilities and professional technicians to handle normal maintenance checks to keep your vehicle running at peak performance. 
Available Recommended Services
Maintaining your vehicle is important, and the no-cost maintenance plan includes several recommended services. These include an inspection and adjustment of all vital fluid levels, a multi-point inspection to ensure parts and systems are working properly, tire rotation, and replacing the oil filter and engine oil.
Roadside Assistance
As anyone who drives already knows, unforeseen things happen that can take your vehicle out of commission at any time. All it takes is debris in the road to inflict damage to a tire that causes it to go flat. Maybe you didn’t have time to top off the fuel and you’ve run out of gas. Worse yet, your vehicle is involved in an accident that renders it impossible to drive.
Regardless of the mileage on your vehicle, the ToyotaCare program also includes no-cost 24-hour roadside assistance. The same two year/25,000-mile coverage comes with the service. With roadside assistance, if a tire is flat, the damaged tire will be replaced with the spare that is inflated and ready to roll.
If the car needs to be towed, the driver will secure your vehicle and take it to the nearest Toyota dealership or one of your choosing within a 25-mile radius. While driving on a road that’s regularly used and a situation occurs that requires it to be pulled from a comprised position, such as a ditch, muddy road, or snow, roadside assistance will use a winch to dislodge the vehicle.
Additional roadside services include jump starting a dead battery, opening the doors if you’ve locked yourself out, and delivering emergency fuel so you can be on your way.
Driving for pleasure or commuting to work can be stressful whether you’re a new driver or a seasoned traveler. Avoid aggravation by letting ToyotaCare take the driver’s seat, whether it’s for a service check or roadside assistance when an unexpected situation occurs.
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