Where to Get the Best Toasted Ravioli in St. Louis

making ravioliSt. Louis is known for many things. From provel cheese to gooey-butter cake, there are plenty of reasons for foodies to rejoice about living here. If one food had to define St. Louis, toasted ravioli might be it. Here are some of the places you can find tasty toasted ravioli within the St. Louis area.

Mama Toscano’s Ravioli

Mama Toscano’s Ravioli is a well-known Italian restaurant located at 2201 Macklind Ave. It is a restaurant that is rated very highly by customers who love the food and the services. Some of them even claim that Mama Toscano’s has the best toasted ravioli in town. When you order the toasted ravioli, plan to dip it in marinara sauce. If you’d like to order something with your toasted ravioli, consider the cheesy garlic bread or any dish with the restaurant’s signature meat sauce. Both are customer favorites. The restaurant opens at 8 a.m., so even early birds can enjoy a great lunch.

Anthonino’s Taverna

Anthonino’s Taverna is located at 2225 Macklind Ave. It’s a fusion restaurant with Greek, Italian, and Mediterranean influences. You can order a wide range of dishes including a gyro sandwich platter, a slice of pizza, or an appetizer of baked goat cheese and pita chips. It’s also a great place for some toasted ravioli. It’s a popular restaurant, so you may have a wait to get seated. It was even featured on the Food Network TV show called Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives.

Trattoria Marcella

Trattoria Marcella is a restaurant to go to if you want a relaxing and sophisticated night out. It’s located at 3600 Watson Rd. The restaurant serves up some of the best toasted ravioli in the city, topped with freshly grated Parmesan cheese and made with a house-made tomato sauce. Since it’s known for serving large portions, you should make sure to bring your appetite. Enjoy your food with a wine from the restaurant’s notable, extensive wine list.

Zia’s on the Hill

Zia’s on the Hill is the place to go when you want to celebrate St. Louis’s favorite dish with some interesting twists. Located at 5256 Wilson Ave, Zia’s on the Hill has a lot of ravioli variations to choose from. Some customers love the Seafood Toasted Ravioli with the lemon butter, while others love the braised rib ravioli. Whatever you choose, the food will be tasty.

Charlie Gitto’s

Charlie Gitto’s offers diners great service from an experienced wait staff in a dim, cozy atmosphere located at 5226 Shaw Ave. The restaurant has delicious toasted ravioli. However, it also serves a selection of gluten free options, too, so even guests with food restrictions can enjoy their meals.
St. Louis is known for toasted ravioli, among other foods. This list contains just some of the notable places you can find some. It might be worth the effort to try each of the restaurants on this list to figure out which one’s your favorite for the St. Louis staple.
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