The 5 Best Sandwich Shops in St. Louis

sandwhichSandwiches make for a delicious lunch or light dinner. In St. Louis, there’s a wide range of delis available, from the traditional New York Style Deli to innovative sandwich shops that put their own spins on America’s most-loved dishes. Here are five of the best places to get a satisfying, delicious sandwich.

Blues City Deli

As one of the most popular and customer-loved delis in Benton Park, the Blue City Deli is a sandwich shop worth exploring the next time you’re near it at 2438 McNair Avenue. Customers love the Veno, which is a hot roast beef sandwich topped with lettuce, tomato, pickles, provolone cheese, bacon, onions, and a sweet red pepper sauce on a hoagie. The deli is also known for its po’ boy sandwiches. Plus, service is known to be quick and friendly, which is perfect if you’re in a hurry.

Eat Sandwiches

In Tower Grove South, Eat Sandwiches serves up its signature French dip sandwich with a twist with a horseradish mayonnaise, sliced red onions, and melted cheddar on the thin rib-eye cut roast beef. Additionally, Eat Sandwiches serves up the rest of the classics you expect from a deli, such as a meatloaf sandwich, a Cuban, and a BLT. There are even some vegetarian options available like the teriyaki tofu sandwich or the grilled cheese. Check it out at 3148 Morganford Road.

Gioia’s Deli

Gioia’s Deli is an iconic St. Louis deli that’s been around for nearly 100 years. Still located at its original building in The Hill neighborhood at 1934 Macklind Avenue, Gioia’s Deli offers a full deli menu, catering, online ordering, and a food truck that you can find around St. Louis. There’s even a secret menu that locals love that includes sandwiches like the Berra Park Club with hot coppa, capicola, and hot beef served warm on garlic cheese bread, along with other Italian favorites.


Located in Dogtown at 1136 Tamm Avenue, Nora’s is an affordable deli open for lunch and dinner, though it is closed on Mondays. The restaurant offers a unique menu focused on creative versions of sandwiches, soups, and salads. For instance, there’s the For Pete’s Sake sandwich with Applewood house-smoked pork loin, caramelized onions, brie, bacon, and applesauce served hot. All of Nora’s sandwiches are available with gluten-free bread.

Carl’s Deli

Carl’s Deli is located at 6401 Clayton Road, near the Christian Brothers College South Campus. It is a New York-style deli known for its overstuffed sandwiches that are available hot or cold, including a pastrami on rye, Reubens, and bagel dogs. Closed on Sundays, the deli is open the rest of the week for breakfast and lunch. Fax orders are available. The fax number is (314) 721-0121.
If you live in the St. Louis area, make it a priority to check out all of these sandwich shops to figure out which one is your favorite. Each has their own specialties and favorites. You may end up liking dishes from all of them.
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