The 5 Best Places to Watch a Cardinals Game

baseball fieldIf you live in St. Louis, the odds are good that you’ve watched a Cardinals game from home or from a nearby sports bar. If you’re looking for a new place to watch a Cardinals game, you want to make sure that you’ll be able to have a good experience. This list should make it easier, as it compiles the five best places to watch a Cardinals game live.

Busch Stadium

If you want the absolute best place to watch a Cardinals game, it makes sense to go where the games are played: Busch Stadium, located at 700 Clark Avenue. The tickets will cost you more than a meal and a few beers at a nearby sports bar, but you’ll have comfortable seats to watch the whole thing. You can even get a kosher hot dog and some snack foods while you’re there. Many fans say that the Philly cheese steaks are their favorites. If you want to make it a real experience, check out what all-inclusive options are available through the ticket office.

Amsterdam Tavern

Amsterdam Tavern is a great, laid-back option to watch a Cardinals game with your friends. It’s located at 3175 Morganford Road. The sports bar has a great beer selection, with a wide range of draft and bottled options to choose from. It’s also a place that many locals regularly go to watch games, so you’re sure to meet other Cardinals fans.

Tigín Irish Pub and Restaurant

Tigín Irish Pub and Restaurant is an Official U.S. Soccer Bar located at 333 Washington Ave. As an official soccer bar, it has a large number of high-quality TVs to watch any sports game on. There’s a decent selection of beer, though you’ll be more interested in the food. There’s a mix of traditional bar food and Irish-inspired dishes to choose from. The restaurant also happens to serve up a nice brunch menu on the weekends.

The Over/Under Bar & Grill

Located at 911 Washington Ave, The Over/Under Bar & Grill is a traditional sports bar that has what you would expect a sports bar to have — bar food and affordable beer. However, The Over/Under Bar & Grill is the home to 37 large HD screens. If you plan to watch the Cardinals game when another game is on, there’s a pretty good chance that you’ll be able to watch both at the same time.

Cardinals Nation

Cardinals Nation is inside Ballpark Village, at 601 Clark Ave. #102. It has a combination of great views, unfettered access, and tasty food. Much like the other sports bars on this list, it serves up American fare, including several favorite appetizers such as spinach dip and nachos. It just happens to be located a little bit closer to the game.
If you live in or visit St. Louis, it’s important to support the local sports teams. This includes the Cardinals. These locations make it easy to do so while offering a tasty meal.
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