4 Best Toyotas to Hold All Your Holiday Gifts

2019 Toyota Sequoia | John Weiss ToyotaWhen you are going to spend the holidays with family and friends, you need a good amount of space in your vehicle to carry your luggage and the gifts you have bought for everyone. Fortunately, your Toyota comes with plenty of space for both passengers and cargo.
Let’s look at some of the best Toyotas that can hold all your holiday gifts and much more.

  1. Toyota Land Cruiser

A brand Toyota created over 60 years ago, the Land Cruiser is the manufacturer’s original SUV. The 2019 luxury model can seat up to eight people on perforated, leather-trimmed seats. For extra space, you can fold the second-row seats in a 40/20/40 split and the third-row seats in a 50/50 split. That gets you a pretty decent amount of extra space from the original 16 cubic feet. This increases to 43 cubic feet with the third row down and to 82 cubic feet with the second row down.
In addition, the Land Cruiser comes equipped with roof racks that let you secure extra and oversized luggage on top. of your SUV. Always wanted to give your brother a canoe for Christmas? No, problem. Up it goes.

  1. Toyota RAV4

Available in five trims, the RAV4 is excellent for both on- and off-road driving.  It can seat five occupants on fabric-trimmed seats, and the cabin has plenty of storage capacity. You can fold the rear seat flat in a 60/40 split, which increases its original 37 cubic feet of space to 70 cubic feet. The center console comes with two cup holders and has a covered storage compartment. You can store bottles in the front door holders and store magazines, books, and other items in the door storage pockets.

  1. Toyota Sienna

This minivan comes in seven models and has the capacity to seat eight occupants in three rows. The second and third rows are adjustable and foldable if you’re going to have fewer passengers and more cargo. The original available cargo space is 62 cubic feet. You can fold the second-row seats in a 40/20/40 split and the third-row seats in a 60/40 split. The center seat in the second row comes with a cargo storage compartment. The Toyota Sienna also offers 12 cup holders, and the front and rear doors sport bottle holders and map pockets.

  1. Toyota Sequoia

Available in four models, the Toyota Sequoia can seat eight passengers in three spacious rows. You can recline the second-row seat if you are looking for more comfort, and, for more space, you can fold it down in a 40/20/40 split. By doing this, you can increase the original 18 cubic feet of cargo space to 66 cubic feet. If you fold the third-row seats in a 60/40 split, you’ll get 120 cubic feet of space.
If you want a spacious vehicle to ferry you and your gifts during the holidays, give these vehicles a look over. With such spacious Toyota models, you can finally go overboard with the holiday gifts. Your Toyota can hold it all.

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