4 Backroads to Travel Near Saint Louis

St. Louis, Missouri is a beautiful place with picturesque natural attractions and majestic rivers. If you love an American road trip, St. Louis offers iconic backroads to explore the scenic landscape of this part of the country. Whether you want to see historic landmarks, manmade wonders, humongous farms, or breathtaking bodies of water, this place offers a spectacular list of scenic drives that will blow you away. The roads here are not only beautiful, but the speed limit is generous. If you love to explore the Midwest in your car, here are five scenic backroads to drive in Saint Louis
The Great River Road
The Great River Road links St. Louis to Alton, Illinois. This scenic drive offers some of the most breathtaking scenery in the region. The winding road runs between the bank of the mighty Mississippi River and huge limestone bluffs.
There are many attractions on the road, including the painting of the Piasa Bird, the Pere Marquette State Park and its famous log lodge, and the Center of American Archeology in Jamesville. You can have lunch beside the river or hike the trails under the limestone cliffs to see more of the surroundings. Every inch of this beautiful road is like traveling back in time and the views are mind-blowing!
Route 94 to Augusta, Missouri
If you are looking for the American alternative to the Rhine River Valley, Route 94 offers amazing views of Missourian wine country. The scenic road links St. Louis to Augusta and Hermann. From the top of the bluffs above the Missouri River Valley, you can soak in the beautiful expanse of wineries below. Route 94 takes you across the Missouri River past verdant vineyards heavy with Concord and Norton grapes. If you enjoy rock and blues music, stop at the Montelle Winery at the end of the valley for a taste of old Midwestern hospitality.
Route 94 to Hermann
Route 94 takes you to Hermann down the road from Augusta. Lying in the Missouri River Valley, Hermann also features wineries and more. The 2.3 square-mile town offers several food festivals and music festivals. There are many shops, art galleries, and restaurants, including the Vintage Restaurant at Stone Hill Winery where you can sample a delicious serving of the dainty town’s German heritage. Hermann is beautiful and the local culture is captivating, but nothing beats the magnificent views along the road.
St. Paul Road
St. Paul Road is one historic path that leads you into the hills of St. Louis. Few people know this road but it is a gem hiding in the woods. The road is near the Castle Wood Park and can be tight in many places. While you will find a few little towns along the way, the high point of the drive is the exceptional view through lush vegetation as the road leads you the Meramec River.
Do you love spending time in the great outdoors? St. Louis is a paradise for the nature and history-loving road tripper.
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